Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Matt Taylor and Phil Manning Band - OZ Blues

DOWNLOAD (192 kbps)


Anonymous said...

I had this album 29 years ago, and lost it. Been searching for it a long time, and came across this blog.
The download is awesome, just what i was looking for. These songs bring back some great memories. Cant thank you enough for making this available!

Mark said...

Hi Wiseman , a great site for rare hard to getaussie music is Midoztouch in the "links" section. Best site I've ever seen for rare aussie music. You wont find better.


AussieRock said...

Thanks for this Mark - not easy to come by

This is a real Aussie gem

Unknown said...

thanks for this


Victor Zubakin said...

Cheers for this. Saw Chain at the Blue Mtns musicfest recently and they were good. Got the joint rockin'. Phil Manning is a great guitarist.

Hippy Chords said...

Thank you for this, Been a chain fan for over 30 yr now, a great addition to my library