Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jim Keays - Boy From The Stars

DOWNLOAD (192kbps)


Big Ern said...

Thanks for sharing this!

I only have the scratchy old album! Luckily it had the lyric sheet so i had a chance to take in what the Boy from the Stars was trying to warn us about! Not that i had any idea, way back when!

It was something about ecology, and alternative medicine, and God,and spaceships, and goodness knows what else! It was a kinda bleak view, but their were tunes there, and thankfully the tracks werent too lengthy!

I've always liked this album, and i always loved how it annoyed everybody, it was always slagged off by people who had never heard it, or at least by punters who didnt have the right type of drugs in their system when they took it in!
As an aussie concept album it is loads better than La De Da's Happy Prince, or the Heavy Metal Kid (Coloured Balls second record) !Daddy Cools second side of their Sex Drugs album was a concept too, and I never got my head around that either!

Thanks again..i look forward to loading up on some red wine...my acid munching days are long over, and taking a trip with The Boy From The Stars one last time!

Big Ern xxx

the saucer people said...

So happy to see the entire album posted here - I came across a couple of the tracks from the album and was blown away by it (also thanks for the fact it is the expanded version with the extra tracks:

Here is some info for anyone who wants the background to the album

In March 1973, he starred in the Australian version of the Who's Tommy and in January 1974, Keays participated in the third annual Sunbury Festival. Keays then returned to music, recording his debut solo album, The Boy From the Stars, a concept album about an extraterrestrial visitor who attempts to warn people of the earth's imminent destruction. Keays, playing the role of the boy from the stars, wrote most of the music and all of the lyrics. "Kid's Blues"/"&Inter-Planetary Boogie" (December 1974) and "The Boy From the Stars"/"Take It on Easy" were released as singles and Keays undertook an ambitious tour in support of the album, but due to the size of the show, only three concerts were staged.

It would be great if there was some footage of these three shows as they sound incredible - though I very much doubt it.

Many thanks for sharing such a great album!

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